Since 1985, CIS has had a single business: Public Safety Computer Systems. All of our personnel, equipment, resources and energy are devoted to bringing the most advanced, reliable and best maintained Systems to public safety agencies nationwide. Our unique identity and constant strive for success has enabled us to continually grow and expand. The CIS record for reliability and service in public safety is unmatched. CIS’ suite of products include the CAD, Records, AVL, Civil, Jail, Mapping, Mobile/Mobile Field Reporting Systems. Our CAD System interfaces with variety of Interfaces such as PowerPhone, SafetyPad, FBI N-DEx, Rapid SOS, Smart 911, Coplogic LexisNexis, E911, ePCR, Fire RMS and more!

Categories: Computer Hardware/SoftwarePublic Safety Equipment

7840 N Lincoln, Suite 201
Skokie, Illinois 60077 

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