Verco Materials originated as a spin-off of high-performance boron carbide technology developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After a number of years of DOD-supported (Army Research Laboratory, Army Natick, NavAir, DARPA) development, we are pleased to offer a unique product for rifle protection of US law enforcement personnel. Our MotilityMH and UrbanShieldMH offerings are backed by numerous US and international patents, rigorous testing at nationally-certified ballistics laboratories, and NIJ Level III certification. We proudly manufacture what we sell, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The armor is based on an imbricated (nested together) pattern of carbon fiber-wrapped boron carbide tiles, encapsulated with and backed by layers of soft ballistic fabric. The armor draws into and molds to the body, is remarkably comfortable, permits freedom of movement, shows enhanced multi-hit capabilities, and has customizable, extended, and continuous coverage.

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