October 26, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

The following webinar, sponsored by Local Government Risk Management Services, is approved for 3 executive hours:

Making Discipline Stick 

The vast majority of citizen complaints and internal acts of employee misconduct encountered by government agencies are generated by a small number of problem individuals. Unfortunately, research has revealed that when disciplinary actions are reviewed by an outside source (i.e. grievance arbitrator or civil service board), public sector discipline is overturned or reduced about half of the time.

► Address the few “bad apples” in your agency who are responsible for the majority of citizen complaints and internal acts of employee misconduct.
► Identify the 5 most common reasons arbitrators give for overturning a public agency’s employee discipline
► Make discipline STICK in order to hold employees accountable and give much needed “wake up calls” before performance issues become so serious that termination is required or public safety is threatened.

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*There are two opportunities to view this webinar.  See October 28 on the GACP calendar for an alternate date/time option. (Both sessions contain the same information.  Do not register for both.)