2024 | SUMMER

Accenting proffessional law enforcement THROUGH training

Mark Scott, President
Scott Gray, 1st Vice President
Anita Allen, 2nd Vice President
Ty Matthews, 3rd Vice President
Tony Lockard, 4th Vice President
Alan Rowe, Immediate Past President
Michael Persley, Chair of the District Representatives

Richard A. Carothers, General Counsel
A. A. Butch Ayers, Executive Director
W. Dwayne Orrick. Assistant Executive Director
Monica Duran, Training and Event Director
Sewa Fields, Training Coordinator
Cathy Oehler, Admin Manager
Keira Bailey, Administrative Assistant
Angelina Servin, Public Relations
& Member Relations Coordinator

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Excellence in Action

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Books and Badges

Staff Development

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Risk Management

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