Congratulations to Chief Mansour who was awarded for his outstanding dedication and professionalism by Governor Kemp recently.

In the photo (left to right):

State Representative J. Collins (R-District 68), Chairman of House Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee; Chief Scott Gray, Fayetteville PD, GACP 4th Vice President; Captain Hunter Etheridge, Villa Rica PD; Executive Director Butch Ayers, GACP; Mayor Gil McDougal, City of Villa Rica; Chief Michael Mansour, Villa Rica PD; Governor Brian Kemp; Councilman Danny Carter, City of Villa Rica; Deputy City Manager Sarah Andrews, City of Villa Rica; Councilwoman Leslie McPherson, City of Villa Rica; State Senator Mike Dugan (R-District 30), Senate Majority Leader

Below is the presented commendation.

WHEREAS:           Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour has served the community of Villa Rica for 17 years and has more than 40 years of experience in law enforcement; and

WHEREAS:           Chief Mansour was recognized as the 2021 Georgia Police Chief of the Year by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police for his outstanding dedication and professionalism; and

WHEREAS:           Prior to his career in Villa Rica, Chief Mansour served in the Floyd County Police Department, University of West Georgia Police Department, and the Carrollton Police Department, where he rose to the rank of captain; and

WHEREAS:           Through his leadership, the Villa Rica Police Department has become a State Certified Agency under the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program and has seen an expanded School Resource Officer program, increased starting salaries, and recognized traffic safety initiatives; and

WHEREAS:           Chief Michael Mansour has dedicated his life to serving his community through law enforcement, helping thousands of citizens along the way, and is a worthy recipient of the Georgia Police Chief of the Year award; now

THEREFORE:       I, BRIAN P. KEMP, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby commend