Police Sergeant – Muscogee County School District

Muscogee County School District
April 5, 2019
Job Posting Expires:


Police Sergeant - Muscogee County School District (170)
Muscogee County School District

SALARY: $48,000 year

This position will be eligible for:

  • Teacher Retirement System
  • State Health Benefits
  • District paid long term disability coverage and life insurance
  • 12 vacation days
  • Paid sick days
  • Other optional supplemental benefits available

Primary Function:

The position of Police Sergeant involves performing supervisory and technical tasks aimed at providing a safe learning environment for students, staff and parents, preservation of life, public order, and investigation of criminal acts which occur on property of the Muscogee County School District. The diversity of the student population, staff and community, the varied nature of tasks, incidents and rotating work schedules contributes to the complexity of the work. The incumbent is required to work with individuals and groups under normal and potentially adverse conditions for the purpose of providing services, receiving and providing work instructions and information, resolving problems, interviewing and interrogating individuals as necessary.

Education Level: Associates degree required; Bachelor’s degree preferred

Certification/License:  Certified as a Georgia Peace Officer pursuant to qualifications established by Georgia Law, Title 35-8, the Rules of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (GAPOST). Must be capable of qualifying with a firearm on the existing firearms qualification course(s). Maintain a Georgia Driver’s License

Experience:  Minimum of seven (7) years of law enforcement experience with at least two (2) years in a managerial role, or any combination of education, experience and training to perform the essential functions and duties of the position:

  • Knowledge of applicable Federal, State and County laws and regulations governing law enforcement actions
  • Knowledge of law enforcement management and supervisory practices and principles
  • Knowledge of criminal justice system principles
  • Knowledge of effective arrest and use of force principles
  • Knowledge of the geography of Muscogee County, school district facilities, public buildings and emergency facilities
  • Competent using computers and applicable software
  • Knowledge of skills for supervising and evaluating employees
  • Previous experience and skill with prioritizing and assigning tasks to subordinates
  • Strong problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Effective and appropriate skill operating an emergency vehicle in both normal and hazardous weather conditions
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply first aid principles and practices
  • Demonstrable proficiency in proper use of restraints, baton, firearms and other law enforcement equipment
  • Appropriate skill and ability to effectively work with school district employees, students and members of the general public in a fair, courteous and firm manner
  • Have the ability to follow and understand both oral and written instructions and general orders
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Adequate knowledge to initiate and follow through with appropriate procedures established by State law, Police Department and Board of Education Policy
  • Ability to make decisions and exercise sound judgement to apply appropriate actions under pressure

Essential Functions

Responsible for the direct supervision of police officers working in a group or assigned shift, monitoring work and reports, scheduling and approving requests for time off, ensuring compliance with departmental general orders in order to provide a safe and secure environment conducive to enhancing the educational process. Successful performance results in effective law enforcement practices, contributes to the safety of life, property and preservation of public order and promotes the efficiency of departmental operations:

  • Assigns, coordinates and reviews work of subordinates
  • Advise, assist and counsel subordinates regarding priorities, procedures and policy to ensure compliance with departmental general orders and procedures in person or through the use of radio or other communication devices
  • Use of good judgement in making decisions related to departmental objectives, deadlines, priorities and defining methods for performing work assignments. Responds to major incidents to assist and/or advise. May assume command of the incident and/or work with other school district personnel or public safety agencies to identify, isolate and resolve the threat, issue, problem or concern
  • Coordinates activities at the scene of an investigation with school district personnel and other public safety agencies and as needed may call for additional support, personnel or assistance from other School District, City, County or State agencies
  • Serves as a liaison between the school district police department and other agencies including, but not limited to, the District Attorney’s Office, Solicitor General’s Office, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS)
  • Review and approves reports of subordinates for content, accuracy, detail, format, legal authority and reviews case files as necessary
  • Analyzes information from a variety of sources to identify trends in suspicious and/or criminal activity and make appropriate recommendations to the chain of command regarding assignments of personnel
  • Reviews, approves or disapproves training requests of subordinate personnel
  • Performs line inspections of personnel regarding uniforms, equipment and assigned patrol units for appearance, cleanliness, and maintenance to ensure compliance with department general orders, rules and regulations
  • Monitors and maintains effective communication with subordinates, other departmental employees, school district personnel and other public safety agencies
  • Responds to public inquiries for information and works to resolve issues, problems or concerns
  • Informs the Chief of Police of all situations resulting in injury of a student, faculty or other staff employee; any serious criminal offense or other matter deemed important that occurs on school grounds
  • Makes routine patrols of assigned facilities to include buildings parking lots, equipment checks for security, vandalism, or causality losses and prepares reports as required
  • Provides support/back-up for incidents or situations that are serious and/or potentially dangerous
  • Oversees the field training of new officers and identifies training needs of subordinate personnel to provide adequate feedback regarding career development and to enhance departmental effectiveness
  • Attend departmental meetings, job related training and other in-service training
  • Attend Court and/or other administrative hearings to provide testimony in the proceedings when required
  • Performs specialized duties and assignments as required or designated by the Chief of Police
  • Operate board owned vehicles in a safe manner and assume responsibility for all supplies and equipment on said vehicle
  • Make presentations to schools, classes, clubs and other organizations on safety, law enforcement and other topics related to the Muscogee County School District Police Department as necessary
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Must be willing to work rotating shifts, variable hours and be on call as necessary

Job Posting Expiration:  2019/04/22

To Apply:  Apply through the Muscogee County School District website: https://mcs.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

Job Contact Email: dickinson.kathleen.r@muscogee.k12.ga.us

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