Membership Types

Interested in becoming a GACP Member? Take a closer look at our types of memberships and see what fits.


Active Members

Any full time certified law enforcement peace officer, as defined by Georgia Code and/or POST Rules, engaging in the management of local, state, or federal law enforcement agency in the State of Georgia. This membership is generally limited to ranks of Captain and above.

Professional Members

Professional membership shall be available to any active or former police officer from a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency, lawyers, judges, law enforcement instructors, elected and appointed government officials, and other individuals who promote theadvancement of law enforcement in their official positions. This membership is generally limited to ranks of Lieutenant and below.

Honorary Life Members

To be qualified for Life Membership in the Association, a member must have retired from full-time law enforcement duty and either:
a) be a Life Member as of July 26, 2005; or
b) have twenty (20) years experience in law enforcement, of which ten (10) years must have been spent as a dues-paying chief law enforcement officer of the Association, in good standing.
c) Honorable service in any branch of the United States Armed Forces shall be counted toward the “twenty (20) years of experience” provision of this requirement.

Life Members are generally nominated by another member of the association in the format of a letter that is submitted to Executive Board for review and consideration.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership shall be available to any person representing a business, firm, or corporation engaged in selling products or services to the members of the Association. This shall also include attorneys.

Chaplain Members

Chaplain membership shall be available to any person who is serving in the capacity as a chaplain for a law enforcement agency. The chief law enforcement officer of the agency will submit a letter with the application attesting that the person is serving as their chaplain.

To become a Chaplain member, please complete the following form available at the following link:

Chaplain Membership Form

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