Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
April 29, 2021
Job Posting Expires:


Division:                   Certification and Training Standards Division

Hire Date:                July 1, 2021

Starting Salary:      $52,000


Job Description

Under limited supervision of the Curriculum Development Supervisor, the Curriculum Developer designs, delivers, and evaluates complex training and development projects related to public safety. This position ensures training programs accurately assess student learning and performance through instructional strategies, online and/or written examinations, physical performance tests, and other achievement measures. This position also plans, coordinates, and facilitates meetings and workshops, participates on or leads curriculum development project teams, works closely with subject matter experts to improve curriculum and instructional methodology, and conducts research and literature reviews.

Core Competencies

Customer Service

Willingly provides assistance and accurate, useful information to meet customer needs. Consistently greets staff and visitors professionally, promptly, and respectfully face-to-face or over the phone. Shows respect by remaining patient, calm, and polite. Seeks to be trained and informed in order to apply a good working knowledge of available services and information.

Teamwork and Cooperation

Consistently works with others to accomplish goals and tasks. Treats all team members with a respectful, courteous, and professional manner; supports team despite different points of view or setbacks. Consistently works well with a variety of different people; rarely encounters someone he/she cannot work effectively with on a task/project. Considers the views of other people (& departments, if relevant) when analyzing a situation or developing a solution.

Results Orientation

Establishes and achieves clear, specific performance goals, expectations, and priorities. Aligns the efforts of him/herself and the team to the team’s objectives. Works around typical problems and obstacles to get results. Manages own time well. Delivered work results meet stated needs and are complete, accurate and of good quality. Takes responsibility and stays focused on problems until an effective solution can be found.


Commits to agency goals. Takes responsibilities seriously and consistently meets the expectations for quality, service, and professionalism. Displays calm, competent and professional image to the public and other State employees. Consistently presents oneself as a credible representative of the Agency through honest, reliable, and ethical behavior.

Judgment and Decision Making

Uses established standards/methods to solve common problems; responds to recurring problems by investigating the underlying causes and taking steps to eliminate them. Analyzes problems effectively with uncertainty and an incomplete set of facts to develop a feasible and effective solution.

Job Responsibilities

  • Uses strong interpersonal, written and visual communication skills to bring together text, images, video and audio to communication and educate peace officers.
  • Analyze instructional needs, define course requirements, manage projects through the entire development process and ensure instructional integrity
  • Apply instructional design techniques to design interactive courseware and supporting materials to ensure an effective learning experience for a variety of audiences
  • Synthesize and write course content based on input from subject matter experts (SMEs), written material, previous training courses, interviews, etc.
  • Write course design documents including course outline, curriculum, learning objectives, core content, scenarios, media scripts, practice activities and summary assessments
  • Design and develop learning resources in a variety of formats including print, graphics, audio and video technologies to support project requirements
  • Design web-based training using authoring software that engages participants through interactive exercises, videos and animations
  • Use creative writing to generate video scripts, scenarios, case studies and other products that enhance the learning process
  • Approval of seminar programs
  • Develop testing methods for online courses
  • Develop online P.O.S.T. Data Gateway tutorials
  • Use PowerPoint to draft screen layouts, graphics and interactions appropriate to the content
  • Write audio scripts, as needed, for online courses and work with subject matter expert and voice talent to ensure proper pronunciation and style
  • Design quizzes and meaningful course interactions to increase learning and retention
  • Conduct course evaluations, analyze feedback with the owner and SMEs, and adjust the training as needed
  • Manage projects efficiently so that tasks are completed on time, problems are resolved quickly, and team members are clear on project requirements and schedules
  • Follow-up with participants to ensure training courses have been beneficial and sufficient for professional growth
  • Interview subject matter experts and/or conduct other research to develop instructional content
  • Present and make recommendations regarding course design, technology and instruction delivery options
  • Develop instruction and learning roadmaps for online and blended learning programs
  • Develop measurement tools to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Provide technical advice on the use of current instructional technologies, including eLearning, desktop videoconferencing, multimedia, and distance learning technologies
  • Recommend instructional methods, such as individual or group instruction, self-study, lectures, demonstrations, simulation exercises and role-playing, appropriate for content and learner characteristics
  • Assess effectiveness and efficiency of instruction according to ease of instructional technology use, knowledge transfer and satisfaction.
  • Review and approve classes and assign class numbers for state, local and private companies providing training within the State of Georgia

The Ideal Candidate will:

  • Conduct needs and jobs task analysis for basic training programs
  • Create detailed content outlines reflecting learning objectives and content
  • Conduct a detailed review of the provided source materials
  • Develop storyboards for interactive assets and work with developers
  • Develop test questions for basic training programs
  • Conduct statistical analysis of test items to ensue items are reliable and valid
  • Maintain test item banking software

The Ideal Candidate will possess the following skills/traits:

  • Selecting and using instructional methods and procedures appropriate for the situation
  • Communicating effectively in writing for the needs of the audience
  • Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Turning complex concepts into a relevant and audience-specific learning solution
  • Excellent communication, listening and comprehension skills a must

Minimum Training & Experience

  • Experience in design and development of learning solutions, including eLearning (web-based training)
  • Demonstrated experience creating project documentation including Design Plans, Design Templates, Standards, Technical Specifications
  • Demonstrated experience designing and developing complex learning solutions
  • Demonstrated experience in design and development of curricula
  • Strong consulting capability with strong interpersonal, presentation and meeting facilitation skills

Special Attention will be given to:

  • Advanced education and/or a graduate degree
  • Documented experience of more than 5 years in the field of course development
  • POST Certified Law Enforcement

Please submit resume to:

Jeff Miller