City of Hiram
October 5, 2020
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Police Chief - City of Hiram

This position is responsible for planning, directing, managing and overseeing the activities and operations of all divisions of the Hiram Police Department; coordinate, assign activities with other City departments and outside agencies.

Each position in this classification may not include all the duties listed below:

.  Receives general administrative direction from the City Manager.
· Exercise direct supervision over the department management, supervisory, professional, technical and clerical coworkers.
· Provide police services consistent with the needs of the City of Hiram by forming partnerships and solving problems
in a cooperative fashion with our community.
· Assume management responsibility for all department services and activities including planning and directing
municipal police services and the deployment of police resources; recommend and administer policies and
· Establish appropriate service and staffing levels, within City policy and budget; monitor and evaluate the efficiency
and effectiveness of policing service delivery methods and procedures; allocate resources accordingly.
· Continuously monitor and evaluate the quality, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of policing programs,
service delivery methods and procedures; work with subordinates on the continuous improvement of City services;
encourage their involvement in quality initiatives.
· Coordinate department programs and efforts with other City departments to identify and solve problems, improve
customer service, and continuously improve the overall quality of service to the community.
· Assess and monitor department workload, administrative and support systems, and internal reporting relationships;
identify opportunities for improvement; direct and implement changes.
· Serve as a resource to the community, elected officials, and respond to citizen concerns, complaints and problems;
respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen issues and complaints.
· Assist with investigative work in major crimes, accidents or other unusual incidents.
· Select, train, and evaluate assigned personnel; direct and coordinate training methods; work with subordinates to
correct deficiencies; implement discipline and separation action in accordance with City Personnel Policy and
department standard operating procedures (SOPs).
· Oversee and participate in the development and administration of the department budget; approve the forecast of
funding needs for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies; approve expenditures and implement budgetary
adjustments as appropriate.
· Champion and preserve department programs, policies and activities; negotiate and resolve matters of a sensitive
and controversial nature.
· Represent the department with other City departments, elected officials and outside agencies; coordinate assigned
activities with those of other departments and external organizations.
· Provide staff assistance to the City Manager; prepare and present reports and other correspondence.
· Attend and participate in professional group training, meetings, seminars and associations; stay abreast of new
trends and innovations in the field of police services.
· Establishes controls to ensure compliance with Georgia POST, GCIC, and EEOC.
· Serve as the chief ambassador for the Hiram Police Department by promoting community awareness of law
enforcement by making presentations to various civic, residential, and business groups.
· Attend all council meetings and requested attendance of committee meetings.
· Direct staff to provide traffic control to areas, as needed, such as schools and major highways.
· Direct daily briefings and uniform check on all shifts.
· Performs other duties as assigned.

· Comprehensive knowledge of operations, services, programs and activities of police department.
· Comprehensive knowledge of principles and practices of police service.
· Knowledge of operations, services and activities of the City.
· Knowledge of occupational hazards and applicable safety precautions.
· Knowledge of principles and practices of program development and administration.
· Knowledge of methods and techniques of criminal investigations.
· Knowledge of principles and practices of municipal budget preparation and administration.
· Knowledge of modern policing procedures and services.
· Knowledge of principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation.
· Skill in the operation of personal computer and contemporary office software, and electronic devices.
· Skill and ability related to records management and dispatch procedures.
· Ability to manage and direct a comprehensive police services program.
· Ability to develop and administer departmental goals, objectives and procedures.
· Ability to analyze and assess programs, policies and operational needs and make appropriate adjustments.
· Ability to identify and respond to sensitive community and organizational issues, concerns and needs.
· Ability to plan and organize, direct, and coordinate the work of subordinates.
· Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement
recommendations in support of goals.
· Research, analyze and evaluate new service delivery methods and techniques.
· Skill and ability to effectively and safely use firearms and to operate motor vehicles.
· Skill to prepare clear and concise administrative and financial reports.
· Skill to prepare and administer large and complex budgets.
· Possess the knowledge to interpret and apply Federal, State and local policies, laws and regulations.
· Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
· Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
· Possess reading and writing skill sufficient to perform all job functions.
· Ability to operate all equipment associated with the job.
· Skill to perform complex mathematical computations.
· Knowledge of city geography and streets.
· Knowledge of municipal court procedures.
· Knowledge and ability to apply and achieve grants.
· Ability to be on call 24/7 and work various shifts as directed by the City Manager.

The Police Chief reports directly to the City Manager.

This position has direct supervision over all employees assigned to the police department.

Guidelines include departmental policies and procedures, federal and state laws, city ordinances and accreditation
standards. These guidelines require judgement, selections and interpretation in application.

Contacts are typically with co-workers, other city employees, elected and appointed officials, court personnel, attorneys,
other public safety agency representatives, business owners, and members of the public. Contacts are typically to
provide services; to give or exchange information; to resolve problems; motivate or influence persons; or to justify,
defend or negotiate matters.

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities that may include the

Standing or sitting for extended periods of time; walk, run, kneel, stoop, crawl and crouch;
· Inclement weather, noise, infectious or contagious diseases, and life threatening situations;
· Hearing, visual and speaking abilities to perform assigned duties;
· Operating assigned equipment including computer, electronic equipment and firearms;
· Meeting minimum qualifications for continued law enforcement certifications;
· Office environment involving travel from site to site with exposure to potentially hostile situations;
· Perform functions required of a GA P.O.S.T. certified officer;

• Must possess and maintain current requirements set forth in the Georgia Law Enforcement
P.O.S.T. certification;
• Must have at least Ten (10) or more years of increasingly responsible law enforcement experience
including a minimum of five (5) years of proven management, administrative experience, and rank
progression (in a municipality or similar agency);
• Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with completion of training in the field
of work (FBI National Academy; Senior Management Institute for Policing; GA Law Enforcement
Command College; P.O.S.T. Management Training, and other similar courses). A degree in
Criminal Justice, or other related field of study is preferred;
• Must satisfactorily complete the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Chief Executive Training
Class as prescribed by law, as per OCGA 35‐8‐20.1;
• Must possess a valid Georgia driver’s license;
• Residency within Paulding County is required within one year of the hire date;
• Must be a U.S. citizen;

The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) will assist the city manager in reviewing candidates.
The selected candidates may be required to attend the Selection Assessment Center of the GACP, in
Duluth, to evaluate their qualifications and abilities to fulfill the role of Police Chief. As a condition of employment, applicants should be prepared to submit to a background check that will include a physical and psychological exam with drug screening, in‐depth background investigation, fingerprint/criminal history check via GCIC, driver's license check via DMVS, credit history check, and a
complete POST review.

Interested Applicants should submit a Letter of Interest, along with the following items to the City
Manager of City of Hiram:

• A current Resume, with contact information and references;
• A written summary of your skills, qualifications, experience and education which would make you
an ideal candidate to be the next Hiram Police Chief;
• Other supporting documents that you deem important to the selection process.

Minimum starting salary is $65,000.00 annually.

All of the applicant’s documents, as outlined above, must be received by 2:00 PM EST, October 28, 2020. You may submit your letter of interest and supporting documentation to the City of Hiram, 217 Main Street, Hiram, GA 30141, attention Jody Palmer. Questions regarding the application requirements should be directed to Jody Palmer, City Manager, by email at jpalmer@hiram‐

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