Outstanding Chief of the Year Award

Nominations for this award may be submitted by anyone wishing to nominate a Chief/Head of a Law Enforcement Agency who is a GACP member in good standing. GACP Executive Board members are excluded from consideration for this award.

When applying for the Outstanding Chief of the Year Award, the electronic nomination package should include:

  • A cover letter from the agency head attesting to the accuracy and integrity of the supporting documentation (addressed to GACP Executive Director, A. A. “Butch” Ayers)
  • A narrative outlining the following criteria:
  • The member’s service to the Association
  • The member’s service to the community, and
  • The member’s accomplishments as a law enforcement administrator

Materials should be combined into one (1) electronic document in Microsoft Word or PDF format (Maximum of 5 pages total).

Submissions must be made to the GACP office by April 28, 2021.

Persons with questions regarding award applications should not hesitate to contact Assistant Executive Director Dwayne Orrick at 770-495-9650.

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