In recent years closer attention has been given to law enforcement agencies’ use of asset forfeiture processes.  In part because of this, greater reporting requirements were placed on state and local agencies to ensure the appropriate accounting and auditing of state and federally forfeited assets. These annual reporting requirements are outlined in to O.C.G.A. § 9-16-19(g)(3)(A) and § 9-16-21(b).

To comply with these requirements, agencies must download the spread sheet, complete the statutorily-required information and submit the information to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PAC) by January 31, 2020.  This is a yearly requirement therefore, January 31st of every year you must comply with the letter and the spirit of the laws.


Asset Forfeiture Report guidelines and forms are available on the PAC website ( Once submitted, PAC will forward agencies’ reports to the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to comply with the reporting requirements in the OCGA 36-80-21.


Additional questions regarding this process (i.e. legal issues, clarifying requirements) should be forward to Gary Bergman with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council at  In lieu of an email, you may call Counselor Bergman at 770.282. 6300. If you have technical questions (i.e. downloading forms, computer issues) please contact, Talib Briscoe at 770-282-6363 or