Dr. Curtis E. McClung/Motorola Award of Excellence

This award honors achievements in innovative programs that:

  • Have an impact on a department’s mission, goals and objectives
  • Have widespread implications on community/department and the law enforcement profession
  • Utilize or deploy resources to accomplish a stated goal effectively,
  • Affect quality of life issues of the community
  • Impact professionalism in law enforcement
  • Promote community and media relations
  • Enhance the spirit of cooperation among agencies of multiple jurisdictions, and
  • Address an operational challenge (i.e., natural disaster, unique crime problem, etc.).

Agencies under the direct control of a GACP Executive Board member cannot apply for this award.  All other law enforcement agencies in which the head of the agency/department is a member in good standing with GACP at the time of the award presentation are eligible to apply for the Dr. Curtis E. McClung/Motorola Award of Excellence.

The electronic nomination package for the Dr. Curtis E. McClung/Motorola Award of Excellence, should include:

  • A cover letter from the agency head attesting to the accuracy and integrity of the supporting documentation (addressed to GACP Executive Director, A. A. “Butch” Ayers),
  • A narrative, with optional supporting documentation, describing the project/program and how it meets the established criteria as well as the impact of the project.

Materials should be combined into one (1) electronic document in Microsoft Word or PDF format (Maximum of 5 pages total).

Submissions must be made to the GACP office by April 28, 2021.

Persons with questions regarding award applications should not hesitate to contact Assistant Executive Director Dwayne Orrick at 770-495-9650.



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