Behind the Badge

The job of a police chief is more complicated and challenging today than ever. I can speak from experience, as I have served as a police chief for the last […]

Leadership Pipeline Part 3

Oil gas processing plant

Article This is the third part of the series exploring the Law Enforcement Leadership Pipeline (LELP). This installment concludes by exploring the various passages of the leadership pipeline and provides […]

Preventing Scams Against Georgia’s Elderly

iStock-1421329910-Senior and phone with lock password to protect data in online bank website. Old woman with smartphone. Cyber security and personal information safety and privacy from hacker fraud.

Article The number of financial scams against senior citizens continues to grow according to the FBI Elder Fraud Report of 2022 which shows that the total losses reported by elderly […]

Positioning of Patrol Cars for Officer Safety

iStock-1480290537 Low Angle Shot of a Stopped Police Car with Lights and Siren on During a Misty Night. Patrolling Vehicle on Stand by, Waiting for Orders to Start Pursuing Suspects. Police Enforcement

Article “A state police car was rear ended during a traffic stop, causing two more accidents. . . Patrol car rear ended; officer rushed to hospital. Officer injured when his […]